Owner and tutor, Sharon Osborne, Maths and English tutoring

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Your child’s education is very important, with their future depending greatly on it. It is important that they get every advantage possible.

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At Learning Express we provide:

  • Free Assessment in all areas of Maths and English
  • Individual Programmes tailored to accelerate students' progress
  • For all students – Gifted, Struggling or in-between
  • Lessons of 80 minutes duration
  • Lesson Times – after school; one or two lessons per week
  • All tutors are qualified, caring teachers; happy to communicate with parents and provide feedback on the student’s progress
  • Students are always in a positive learning environment
  • At Learning Express we strive to accelerate students' progress and focus on areas that need attention
  • With Success comes self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Lessons and educational strategies designed to bring FUN into learning
  • Tutoring also available for adults